Nn & Az Wedding Day

After 10 days of being a wife, I finally received and watched the cinematic video of the wedding day, and I was stunned. I cried and was grateful knowing I am married to my best friend.

Like what Dr Amir Levine quoted in his book, “Happiness only real when shared,” here are the videos:

I am still crying a river typing this. As my 2023 resolution is to blog and write more (in general), I will keep you updated on my marriage life.



A Dilemmatic Review of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë – #NishkandarReads

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I have always been a big fan of classic literature. After several times trying to pick which books would best suit me to read in 2023, I chose Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë to start the year. Here is my honest review:

I read this book once in Junior High School, and as an adolescent girl then, I could not comprehend the idea that this book does not convey a love story. I rephrase — it might, but it has the depth that unravels not only a love story but feminism and Eyre’s strength as a woman. I had to give a three-star rating rather than a five after a more thorough consideration: of writing styles and Eyre’s abusive relationship with Mr Rochester.

This book has endless pages, and it felt daunting to flip page by page because of the descriptive style Brontë had writing this book. Although it did feel pleasant to imagine and had all the visuals running through my mind (because the detailed description helped a lot), it began super slow yet did not make me curious about what was going to come next. Even more disappointing for me knowing that most characters in Eyre’s childhood life did not appear and had no significant impact by the end of the story. In my humble and honest opinion, they were genuinely redundant. It lacks cohesiveness.

There are several problems I found icky in the book, too (nonetheless, I am trying not to spoil any story), such as Jane’s mad and toxic relationship with Mr Rochester, racism that lies within the whole book, and Eyre’s obnoxious character (as how she talked about the physical appearance of the two characters).

However, despite the tedious story and style, the three stars came from the feminist narrative of Eyre, which she went through beyond marriage (whilst, at that time, it was the only prospect girls her age could have) and did have dreams. She also did not let Rochester ‘own’ her (a deeper analysis of this argument can be found online). Incredibly in love with how Brontë criticised Christianity (through Lowood), as how people could easily use money and power and sell religion to people for more gain in those two commodities.

To conclude, I would recommend adults to read Brontë yet will not let youngsters read it without any discussion beforehand or throughout.

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Graduated from Law School

July, 2021
Graduation Day

Never have I ever imagined that this is the way I will be graduating from law school: Graduated as the Best Graduate/Valedictorian and attended the ceremony that was being held online.

A time in 2018
Debate and Research Community [more like a family to me].

There is an actual term to define this flux of emotions when you just love and despise something at the same time: Emotional Ambivalence – the perfect term to define how I feel towards this past 3.5 years in law school. Not going to sugarcoat anything in this post, it has never been easy to win law school’s heart (if it has any). I may look strong as titanium on the facade, or maybe some of you thought that I was made for this, I am gifted, bulletproof, but for sure I am not. Not a little time I encountered mental breakdowns and had to drown my face into the pillow to scream and cry and had no other choice but to fake a smile the next day, acted like everything is okay. Too many bittersweet memories and ridiculous trinkets that sure I will catch myself smiling reminiscing it later in the future.

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